Mariah here - the girl behind the lens! 

I love to capture raw moments, pure laughter, and all the little things you hope to never forget. It is my goal for you to feel something when you look at the photos from our session: joy, happiness, and--above all else--the love your family has for each other. 

On a normal day you can find me snuggled up at home with my husband, Andrew, and our beautiful rescue pup, Baylee! I could talk about Miss Baylee all day. She's a German Shepherd Collie mix and maxed out at 43 pounds (the perfect size!). She loves to cuddle, hike, run, play, and truly is a love bug. So, what does that have to do with me?! Well, I truly believe she gets her personality from her momma, of course. On a beautiful day, I would be thrilled to be outside hiking and I'm totally a cuddler (although I did not max out at 43 pounds).


What makes me happiest: 

- Being in bed by 9:30PM

- To do lists

- Breakfast--anytime of day 

-Playing soccer & watching soccer

- Spending time with friends & family

-Fall asleep to F.R.I.E.N.D.S







Photo by: Katelyn Mallett Photography

Photo by: Katelyn Mallett Photography