Waylon 6 months | Maine Lifestyle Session

First of all, blogging this session made me miss this family so much!! The Sipe family very quickly became more of family to me than clients after moving to Maine in 2015.  Rebecca loves to have her children’s milestones photographed (as everyone should!) and somehow came upon me right after the Military brought them to Maine. It is a pure miracle that she came back to me after our first session, this little guy was only 3 months old and Harper cried every time she saw the camera.  


This was Waylon’s 6th month old session.  This little guy stole my heart from day one. With two older sisters he has always gone with the flow and is the most independent little guy.


Waylon is now over a year and a half, and this dear family has since moved back to California. (I’m not so patiently waiting for baby #4 as an excuse to come visit!!)  When Rebecca asked me about this session the other night and I started looking through I knew I had to blog it. There is so much I love about this session, Harper isn’t crying, the rocking chair is handed down from his grandfather, and looking back at how little all these kiddos are.  It may be an old session but it is still by far a favorite of mine. 

Mariah Cropley