Madison | Capture What Matters

A long overdue #capturewhatmattersproject post to share miss Madisons journey! This gal is as strong as it gets and I am honored to share and capture her and her family. Madison’s mom, Ashley shares her journey so far below. Madison was so much fun during our session even through all she is going through. This girl is truly amazing and the cutest! Head on over to Facebook and follow along through her page “Madison's Road to Recovery” and keep this sweetie in your thoughts as she continues to beat this disease! 

“Madison was diagnosed on July 20, 2016 with neuroblastoma, one day after I was changing her diaper and felt a lump on one side of her belly.  Her official diagnosis was stage 3 high risk neuroblastoma. She has so far endured 6 rounds of chemotherapy, each round being one week long, surgery to remove her main tumor from her belly as well as a small tumor in the side of her chest.  In December of 2016, we got the exciting news that her scans were clear with no evidence of disease, however with this type of cancer, you have to continue treatment to make sure it never comes back. In January of this year, we were admitted to Boston Children's Hospital where she received an autologous (her own) stem cell transplant,  which consists of high dose chemotherapy with stem cell rescue.  We were in Boston for 23 days.  The next step after transplant was 12 days of radiation therapy.  We are now finally in the last part of the treatment plan, which is 6 months of antibody therapy.”

Mariah Cropley