Portland Maine Birth Photography | Maine Medical Center

I had my first experience as a Maine birth photography in December, I shot my first birth! What an incredible opportunity and I am SO excited to share these images with you. I didn’t know what to expect going into this experience, although with birth I there is a lot that is always unknown. I waited and waited for the call that mom was going into labor… and then waited some more and finally nine days after his due date, Benyo decided to join us earth-side! There is nothing like capturing such a beautiful moment and I am honored to have the chance to hopefully do it again soon. 

I am planning to write a post answering all questions Birth photography. Have any you want me to touch upon? Send me an email at mariahcropleyphoto@gmail.com. I am also looking for more mama’s to help me get all the experience with birth and am offering discounts on births for a limited time. Due to the unknown, I can only take one per a month so if you are interested don’t wait to get in touch!

** Note that there are some graphic images below!** 

Mariah CropleyBenyo Birth