Freeport In-home Newborn Session | Maine Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

It is such an honor to be invited into a clients home to capture such an important moment in their lives and I am forever grateful to have the chance to do so. It is by far a favorite part of being a Maine newborn photographer.  I loved working with these three (plus the pup!) in their cozy home. 

During newborn sessions I tend to grab blankets that are hanging around to add texture to certain photos and that was no different during this session, but what I loved was the meaning behind the one I happened to grab. The blanket had been the blanket that the dad was brought home in from the hospital and was hand knit by his grandmother. Like how sweet is that?! So I laid the blanket down and started shooting a few shots. Then mom grabbed another one from the closet, similar but this one was pink, she said they would love to incorporate this blanket too, it was the dads sisters blanket she got brought home with and she had since passed away. Even more meaningful this cute little girl’s middle name is after her aunt. So I happily wrapped her in the pink blanket and I’m pretty sure she smiled instantly, it was quite the special moment! 

Every newborn session holds a special place in my heart, I remember them and love to see those littles ones continue to grow. It’s such a special time in your life to be apart of and I love every minute of capturing it! 

Are you expecting and needing to capture these sweet moments in you life too? I would love to chat!