7 Dog & Newborn Duos Guaranteed to Make you Smile

Form the moment I walk into a session with a pup in the family they know I am a dog person and they are going to get all the love from me and that is 100% true! I will give your dog all the love and with a little bit of patience they snuggle right in and relax for the perfect photo. Here are 7 of my favorite newborn and dog captures!


This little gal had to have her ball the whole session, and then she would drop it and run after it. Her twin little sisters will keep her busy once they are older!



OK so no newborn yet in this one but this guy and his fur brother (another Bernese mountain dog ) will make sure their new human brother will be very very loved!



This poor guy doesn't know what to do now that they brought another one of these human things home (older sister was off running around somewhere like two year olds do!) but they sure do taste good!



Are you smiling yet?! These two were the best and are going to make the sweetest friendship.



Breaking the rules a little for this one too! I just can’t help it, this little lady loved her pup so so much and always got kisses!



From the moment her mom signed her email to me "... and Brenda the Boston terrier" I knew Brenda was gonna kill it at this session, and she did not disappoint.



I don’t even have the words for this one - just so much love for these two! <3

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