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South Portland in-home session | Maine Family Photographer

There are so many things I love about this session. We started early in the morning and left the kids in their PJS. Cause who doesn't love kiddos in their pajamas?! It also gave me the opportunity to capture their morning routine. I’ve said it time and time again and will keep saying it, real and raw make the best photos.

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Falmouth in-home session | Maine family lifestyle photographer

I am at the risk of oversharing this session to the max so I figured it was time to blog it. These four were a breeze to work with. It was a gloomy day but you would never know if you didn't look outside. Shameless plug for another reason to love in home sessions - you don’t have to worry about bad weather! We danced, cuddled ,read books, ate noodles, and jumped A LOT and it all was so much fun to capture.

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7 Tips to Having an Amazing In-home Lifestyle Session

It’s no secret that I LOVE in-home sessions and am a huge advocate that they are actually easier and more relaxing than an outdoor session. I know I know, you may think I am bat sh*t crazy, but I promise I’m not! They are fun, simple and everything you could possibly need is right there. Here are 7 tips to making your in-home session that much more amazing!  

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