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Falmouth in-home session | Maine family lifestyle photographer

I am at the risk of oversharing this session to the max so I figured it was time to blog it. These four were a breeze to work with. It was a gloomy day but you would never know if you didn't look outside. Shameless plug for another reason to love in home sessions - you don’t have to worry about bad weather! We danced, cuddled ,read books, ate noodles, and jumped A LOT and it all was so much fun to capture. Here are a few (well not really a few cause it was hard to choose) of mu favorites from the session, if you get to the bottom there is a video of the full session and one of my favorite newest favorite things to do with these beautiful in home session is make a video of all the moments you will always want to remember! <3

7 Tips to Having an Amazing In-home Lifestyle Session

7  Tips to Having an Amazing In-home Lifestyle Session

It’s no secret that I LOVE in-home sessions and am a huge advocate that they are actually easier and more relaxing than an outdoor session. I know I know, you may think I am bat sh*t crazy, but I promise I’m not! They are fun, simple and everything you could possibly need is right there. Here are 7 tips to making your in-home session that much more amazing!