So why lifestyle photography?


There is nothing I love more than capturing emotions and the art of the everyday.  Do you like making pancakes as a family every Sunday morning? I would love to capture that--I'll bring the coffee!  Or do you like a good afternoon hike? Let's do it!  It doesn't have to be an activity, we can just hang around your house and read some of your kids' favorite books. I want to tell your family's story and document your life in that moment. Because, in time, memories will fail, but photos don't. 


Where are you located? Do you travel?


Standish, Maine! However, I do love to travel, so, for locations outside Southern Maine, contact me for information on travel fees.


Where should we do our session?


Well, you have a couple options here! 

  • At Home: My personal favorite! This option is great for keeping things comfortable and easy. This allows for a relaxed session doing some of your favorite daily activities. Think: tickle fights on the bed.

  • On Location: I have my own little arsenal of my favorite places to shoot, but I am open to new ideas! I love different textures, nature, and pretty much anywhere with good light!


I want you to come to my house, but its not big, fancy, perfect etc.


Don’t we all feel this way?! You should see what is just out of the frame at my house sometimes. (laundry piles, clutter, etc)  If you've got some natural light thats all we need to capture some beautiful moments.


Do you provide prints and albums?


I have some amazing print labs that I work with so that you can order directly through me. They have been quality tested by yours truly and I know their products will make great additions to your home!  You are able to purchase these prints and other products directly from your online gallery. 


What should we wear?


The most important thing is to be comfortable. When in doubt, go with colors and layers! One note: skip the small stripes and tight knit plaids as they don’t photograph well. Too match-y can look overdone and just a little too planned. Coordination is key. All sessions come with personalized style as a part of your session fee. I'll eliminate the stress of styling your family and help you coordinate outfits that make you look and feel your best! I'll provide everything from outfit inspiration to direct links to purchase your wardrobe for your session. 


Do you offer mini-sessions?


Great question! And the answer is sometimes. Every once in awhile I offer mini sessions in the fall and spring, but it really depends on my schedule that year. I DO NOT offer mini-sessions any times outside of my specified dates. As much as I love getting to meet so many new families, I really love the product of a full family shoot. Your kids get more comfortable with me, we get into a groove, and that’s where the magic happens.


When will I get my image gallery?


Give me 2-3 weeks. I'll try to get them to you sooner. And many times, I do! 


I want to book a session, what happens next?


Please get in touch with me via the contact form to discuss my service as a family photographer. Once you have decided on a date for your session, I will forward you a standard portrait session agreement, as well as an invoice. Your session is booked as soon as you've paid the deposit and filled in the agreement. From there, we will have a chat and work out exactly what feel and look you are after, go over locations, outfits and any other questions you might have. 


Have another question that's not answered here?! Get in touch and I'll be happy to answer it!