Ryder Twins | Maine Newborn | Fresh 48

There is something so magical about the first days of a new baby; it is doubly magical when they are twins. Avery and Austin made their way into this world two days shy of the New Year. It was truly a pleasure documenting these two. Their personalities shined right through at even 48 hours old. Fresh 48 sessions are easily becoming a favorite of mine. Capturing the first moments of life is such an honor.

Avery and Austin are rainbow babies and are lucky to have a beautiful family to welcome them into the world with loving arms. Hana’s pregnancy had complications that put her on bed rest for two months before their twins arrived.  It is amazing what mothers do for their children and the strength that Hana had.  I loved spending the time to capture this sweet family of five.  Welcome to the world, Austin and Avery!